Industries we specialise in..

  • Group of companies Management

  • Trading Management System

  • Production/Manufacturing

  • Distribution Management System

  • Human Resource Management

  • Automobiles

  • Pharmacies

  • Real Estate Management

  • Apartment lettings and Sales

  • Vehicle Rentals and Leasing

  • Retail Chain Management

  • Agencies & Dealership Management

  • Investments

  • Construction

  • Transportation

  • Law office Management

  • Courier Services

  • Gold Traders

  • Other typical business application


Trading Management Systems

Marshall Tires
Centralized ERP for Tires
Live in 45 Branches

Al Safi Group who owns Marshal Tires uses the Tradease solution for their tire business.

The customized solution along with all the features of a regular ERP allows quick service to customers by providing them the ability to search their inventory by various tire specifications across all the forty five outlets.

GE Electrical Appliances
Complete ERP with
Container Space Utilization

Along with all the Modules of an ERP, GE Electronics required a solution included for logistics and our smart Solution provided a Container Space Utilization module to manage the packing in containers. Our solution calculates the utilized space and suggests items that can be packed in open spaces.

GE Electronics has been using our Solutions, (upgraded on a timely basis) for the past 19yrs running live in 64 Branches.

Al Hadda Group
Bullion & Commodity Exchange
Market Management

Al Hadda Group had taken  a comprehensive Bullion and Commodity Exchange Market Management System from HMR Systems in London.

A Multi Currency system with  complete control over the finance and ease of operation.

Manufacturing Management Systems

British Petroleum
Lubricant Manufacturing Sys

British Petroleum Saudi Arabia used a Lubricants Manufacturing & Distribution ERP during their operations in Saudi Arabia and remained with HMR till the operations lasted.

HMR Systems also provided them with a Solution in Dos for their operations in London as well.

Dental Pharmaceutical Products
Manufacturing System

APMD has been using our Manufacturing Software for the past seven years. The ERP solution being used is comprehensive with Decision Making Tools for detail analysis.

The solution assists in Costing & Cost Control, Product Development Time analysis and individual job costing, Custom Production Formulas.

17 Different Companies
Ready Mix Production
Management System

Mixease is a Production Management System, that caters the unique need of the Ready-mix Concrete industry to manage their production, supporting the unique transactions based on Letter of Guarantee and Letter of Credit (Local) transactions.

It also has the Loading Solution which calculates the Readymix by load on the Truck.

Automobile (Agency/Dealer) Management Systems

Al Awaji Motors
Dealer Management With
Fleet Sales

This is a Custom made Solution for Dealers who bring in Used Cars from the West and sell it in different phases.

The System assists in the Fleet Sales that are done in the Auction, costing when moved to the Showroom and complete movement of the Car from branch to branch.

Suzuki Motors
Complete Automobile Management
With Workshop and After Sales

A This a complete ERP for Automobile company. Some of the main features of the system are Purchasing, Marketing, Sales, Workshop, Time log for technicians, Spare parts, HR, Installment Management, Fixed Assets, Service, CRM and Kingdom wide Business Intelligence Reports.

HMR Systems also gave a Management Consultancy to Bama roof for Suzuki Motors.

Jamjoom Motor Corp
Automobile Agency

Jamjoom Motors took a Basic version of Autoease.

The modules given, covered their needs and operations. The System had Finance, Purchase sales, Maintenance, HR, Fixed Assets.

Unique Customised Solutions

Al Jadan Law Firm
Law Firm Management

In co-operation with Clifford Chance London, Al Jadaan a renowned Law firm uses our Customized Solution for the Ease of managing all the their business activities including lawyer minutes, expenditure, time management, Fixed Assets, HR & Payroll all integrated with Finance,

Al Wafeer Airlines
Complete Airlines Management

Al Wafeer, the first charter airline dedicated to Hajj & Umrah operations uses our Flight Management system for management of all flight operations including flight costing, crew scheduling & planning.

KPMG was hired as a consultant to choose a software house for them between HMR systems, SAP, ORACLE & Microsoft. HMR systems was eventually selected to provide a required Customized Solution.

Diners Club
Credit Card Management

HMR systems developed a comprehensive credit card management solution for Diner’s club International.

All over the World the verification took 3-4 seconds but Ease Solutions has reduced it to 1.5-2 seconds.

HR & Payroll Solution

Human Resource Management

– Man, Machine, Movement
– Trainings
– Appraisals
– Punishments
– Employee Self Service
– Absence Management

Integrated Payroll Systems

– Generation of Payrolls:

It takes into account loan  advances, absences and overtimes

– End of Service Calculations
– GOSI Calculation
– Direct transfer of salaries to bank.

      > Auditing Payrolls
> Printing of Pay Slip.

Based on Saudi Laws

– Employee Data information Details
– Passport, Iqama & Other Document details with reminders
– Branch, Department, Division
– Allowance
– Medical, Car, Bank info

A Few others who we served in the past 30yrs